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Training & Certification

Training programs are offered through the American Personal & Private Chef Institute (APPCI), the education branch of our association. The programs give you the tools needed to start up and run a flourishing personal-chef business.

These are not cookie-cutter training programs. No two businesses are alike, and our programs cater to that. We strive to give you training programs that reflect who you are, and what kind of business you want to create.

APPCA’s training programs are the most comprehensive, complete, and respected training programs out there. We can show you how to blend your existing culinary skills with our business acumen to learn “The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef.”

Our training programs offer effective and proven techniques. We have trained more than 8,000 personal chefs in the last 13 years. We’ve created three valuable packages from which to choose:

New businesses are started every day by folks learning by baptism through fire. Unfortunately, many of these businesses fail quickly, or flail for a long time, while the kinks are worked out.

APPCA’s tried-and-true training programs offer you a roadmap to success—one that’s not marked by painful, expensive mistakes. So, if you prefer to be a profitable, professional personal chef without trial-and-error setbacks, follow the path built by industry leaders in our complete and affordable personal-chef training programs.

APPCA consistently and consciously sets the highest standard for the personal-chef industry. We stand by our training programs and our membership’s success, delivering in our philosophy, “promises made, promises kept.”

The APPCI training programs and materials are the source material for the written certification exam offered through the ACF/APPCA Certification Partnership.

Register for Training!“Thank you again for the information, contacts and inspiration!! I’m happy to leave the chaotic and non rewarding life of the corporate restaurant business… I’m going order the home-study for now, however I can’t wait to meet you in person!! Your energy from our first conversation only confirmed that this the life I see for myself as well, so thank you, Candy!”
Future personal chef!! Craig C.
Boston, MA

“I really love this organization and have learned so much from the forum and the materials. I now have three clients, another who will be starting next month, and two more who are very interested. I was so nervous to make the leap, but everything has gone so smoothly, and I think a lot of that is due to the APPCA.”
Joyce C.
Elk Grove, CA

“The training manuals and seminar are priceless, and when you realize what this little niche in the culinary industry really is and what it can mean for you (even those of you with “no formal training” or second career folks), it all makes sense and it just brings a calming smile to your face.”
Mike & Liz S.
Downers Grove, IL

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